When I tell people I'm a travel agent I get one of two responses. Response 1 are people who immediately need help planning a trip. Response 2 is "travel agents still exist?" 

Yes, we absolutely do exist! With consumers being able to book everything on the internet it is easy to think that travel agents would be out of business. But this is quite the opposite! Because everything is on the internet to book, it is easy for a consumer to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of vacation options available to them. This is where the expertise of a travel agent comes in. 

Your time is valuable:

Planning a vacation takes time, and time is something many of us are short on. Planning a vacation can take HOURS of research and planning, and if you need to get on the phone with a vendor? Add on a few more hours. A travel agent does all of this for you and presents you the best options that would work for YOU. 

Saving you money

Most travelers are planning on a budget. Your travel agent will not only find you the best deals, but will monitor and apply future promotions to your trip that could save you money! 

It's about the experience 

Vacations are about experiencing something new, having fun, relaxing, and making memories.  Tell your travel agent what you hope to get out of your vacation and you will be presented with the best options within your budget to achieve your goals.  

Less stress more fun

Not everyone is a planner and having to plan and organize a vacation is a ton of pressure. All that pressure can really suck the fun out of your vacation. Let your travel agent take that stress away for you. 

Your personal concierge service 

Lodging, transportation, insurance, dinning reservations etc, etc. Vacations involve multiple parts, meaning you’ll possibly be shopping around through multiple vendors and spending time on the phone. Your travel agent manages all these moving parts for you. Have an emergency on vacation? Your travel agent can help as much as they can remotely! 

It's free

Did you know that when you book a trip on your own the cost of using a travel agent is already included in the price? That's right, travel vendors already include the cost of using a travel agent in your vacation price, even if you didn't book with an agent. So if you aren't using one you're missing out on a ton of value! This is why my services are complimentary to all my clients.

We're educational and educated

A good travel agent wants their clients to be educated and informed on all aspects of their vacation. From fine print details, to safety tips and tricks for their vacation destination. If you have questions they should be answered.

Many of the vendors I work with have online academies and frequent webinars to provide agents the tool set and knowledge they need to plan a vacation with their product. For example, to plan a Disney vacation I first had to graduate from the "College of Disney Knowledge" and every year I have to complete additional training to maintain my "Disney Degree".

Support a small business

By using a travel agent you'll be supporting a small business and it costs you nothing! How awesome is that?!

So, are you ready to utilize a travel agent?  I would love to work with you! If you want to start planning your next vacation fill out my quote form here.  If you've already started planning but have not made your final payment you may be able to transfer your trip to me so I can assist you the rest of the way. 

Still have questions about how I operate?  I'd love to hear from you! You can send me an email at cristaly@creatingmagicvacations.com