Planning Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons, what every bride and groom look forward to after the stress of wedding planning. 

What they don't tell you is how stressful planning the perfect honeymoon could be. You want it to be perfect, romantic, full of adventure but with plenty of time to relax, recharge and enjoy each other. Where to start? Where to go? How much of the wedding budget should you dedicate to the honeymoon? It can be absolutely overwhelming.  

Where to go?

This depends on your style of travel! This would be a great opportunity to cross a destination off your bucket list. Want something secluded, quiet and romantic? Try an adults only all inclusive! Want to travel to multiple destinations? Try a cruise! Looking for a vibrant city experience? Try NYC, Vegas, Miami, Paris, Barcelona, or London! 

Seasons are going to play a factor in where and when you travel. If you want to visit the Christmas Markets in Europe and are having a summer wedding, you may consider delaying your honeymoon until Winter. Knowing the peak travel season for your destination can help you avoid crowds and higher travel costs. If you plan on avoiding peak travel times for your destination you'll want to research what activities and accommodations will be available to you, as some hotels and restaurants close during off seasons.

How much does a honeymoon cost?

For most people budget is a huge factor when planning a wedding. On average couples spend about $4,500 on a honeymoon. How much you'll actually spend really depends on where you plan to go, and for how long.

When budgeting for your honeymoon you'll want to factor in costs outside of lodging, food, and getting to your destination. Think about things like: passports, luggage, car rentals or ground transportation, excursions, boarding for pets, gratuities, and travel insurance. These items add up, and while your budget may cover your lodging, flights, food, and activities, it may not cover these other expenses.

To help curve costs or make your trip extra special you can consider a honeymoon registry. Many hotels and resorts offer this service to their honeymooners. Your friends and family can contribute to room upgrades, romantic dining, spa treatments, and other activities.

Where to start.

Planning your honeymoon should start as early as possible. When you start to plan your honeymoon start by figuring out how much you want/can spend. Next figure out how much your ideal honeymoon will cost. If you plan on using a travel agent the best time to reach out to them is early! Having a travel agent work with you in the earliest stages can help you determine how much you'd need to allocate for your dream honeymoon. They can shop for deals and take care of all the hard, time consuming work for you while you focus on cake sampling, and picking out flowers for your big day. 

My best advice for couples planning a honeymoon is to make it a priority when wedding planning. The honeymoon is your reward, your time to celebrate, relax and recharge. If you need to cut costs somewhere try not to take away from your honeymoon fund. Short on time? Hire a travel advisor! Many, like me, offer their services complimentary. Meaning you save yourself the stress of planning without having to pay extra.